Kosher Certification goes Kiwi in New Zealand

New Zealand, located in the South west of the Pacific Ocean is known for many things. Among them the national symbol of New Zealand the Kiwi bird, known for its shrill sound. New Zealand Dairy and Butter, with its high butter fat content. Not to forget Manuka Honey, a native of New Zealand.

Recently Manuka Health, a honey producer located in Te Awamutu, New Zealand gained Kosher Certification through Kosher Check. Manuka Health is a leading producer of Manuka Honey in New Zealand who distributes its Manuka Honey throughout North America and around the world. Manuka Honey is produced from the nectar of the Manuka Tree. The Honey is commonly used as an Alternative Medicine and studies have shown that it has Anti-Bacterial properties. Manuka Health recently moved into a new Production Facility in New Zealand and wanted a globally accepted Kosher Certification to assist them as they export their product.

Over the past decade the demand for Kosher Certification has increased dramatically. The Kosher market has been growing at an annual rate of 15% for the past several years and products bearing Kosher Certification continue to outsell both Organic and All Natural. Many leading New Zealand manufacturers have already gained Kosher Certification such as Fonterra, New Zealand King Salmon Co and Manuka Health. Today many uncertified companies in New Zealand and around the world are turning to Kosher Check to assist them in their Kosher Certification needs.

Kosher Check is a globally accepted Kosher Certification, providing Kosher Certification on five continents to food manufacturers such as Manuka Health, Merck Pharmaceuticals, Kerry Foods, Kemin Bioscience, Post Food Group, Scoular Company to name a few. Gaining Kosher Certification through Kosher Check can help increase sales as well as potential private label business.