Major Canadian Chocolate Manufacturer extends list of Kosher Certified Products

Purdy’s Chocolates is a major Canadian Chocolatier, producing a line of premium chocolates including Truffles, Hazelnut Hedgehogs, Creams, Caramels, Filled Chocolates and more.

In the fall of 2013 Purdy’s Chocolates received the seal of approval from Kosher Check for their Chocolate Bars and Novelty line of Chocolate. After receiving many phone calls and enquiries from the Kosher Consumer regarding Purdy’s other Chocolate products. Kosher Check worked on a strategy with Purdy’s to make some of their premium chocolates such as their signature Hedgehogs Kosher certified. We are pleased to announce that today, many of the products for sale in Purdy’s Stores are Kosher Certified. We know the Kosher Certification of these products will be greeted with much excitement and will continue to work with Purdys on increasing their range of Kosher certified products.

Purdy's Chocolates are available for purchase through their vast network of stores located throughout Ontario including stores located in Yorkdale Shopping Centre, Hillcrest Shopping Centre in Richmond Hill and Vaughan Mills. In Edmonton at the West Edmonton Mall. In Calgary at the Southcentre Mall and Chinook Mall. In Vancouver at Oakridge Mall. For more information regarding store locations, please visit

Kosher Check is a globally accepted Kosher Certification, providing Kosher supervision on five continents to food manufacturers such as Merck, Kerry Foods, Kemin Bioscience, Golden Boy Foods, Legumex Walker to name a few. Gaining Kosher Certification through Kosher Check can help increase sales as well as potential private label business.